Better Bondage for Every Body

Love getting tied up for fun? Just curious? This extraordinary celebration of rope bondage (aka shibari or kinbaku) combines glorious full-color photos, groundbreaking research, and tips found nowhere else in one must-read book. Visit to learn more.

The best rope/kink resource I’ve seen in years
psychologist Stacy W., on Amazon

You’ll get insightful writings by rope bondage experts worldwide on topics like pain processing, anatomy, and rope relationships—plus the stretching warm-up you’ve been waiting for.

“What makes a great rope bottom?…You’ll hear answers like flexibility, stamina, an ability to surrender…What you might never hear is the one thing I consider to be the most important of all…”

And if you’re a rope bottom who’s curvy, male, 40+, or gender-nonconforming, or you have a special physical condition like fibromyalgia, you’ll get helpful ideas tailored just for you, gathered from bondage lovers spanning the globe.

If you buy only one book this year, this should be it!…No matter who you are, top or bottom, old or young, fat or thin, this is a great resource to use to learn about rope bondage and YOUR body.
Joy, via Amazon

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