Pre-Order Now for a Special Gift

Will you join me in popping the champagne cork? (Er, metaphorically, because it’s not even 4 p.m.—that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) The cover of my debut novel, The Making of Miss M, is finally finished, the interior design is done, and the pre-order page is set up. Whoo-hoo! This book has been a few years in the making, which reeeeaaallllllly stretched my attention span and patience, so it feels like quite an accomplishment.

**If you’re a fan of my past work, please do help support this project by pre-ordering on Amazon.**

Advance orders boost rankings, rankings boost sales, sales mean I get to keep writing fun and helpful things for you…you get the idea. Pre-orders are essential these days. May 29 is the official publication date, but if you order in the next 7 weeks or so, you’ll get a gift: an emailed compilation of my top 5 writings with never-before-seen photos full of kinky hotness.

And if you ever see me at a conference or class or performance, you can have a heartfelt hug too. 🙂

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