New Website for a New Book Adventure

Putting out a book can be harrowing. There are frustrations, triumphs, unexpected twists—and often the bad kind of hair pulling. My last book involved wrangling dozens of contributors and dealing with untold production frustrations…but hey, that’s why God made wine and massage therapists.

Thankfully it’s time to turn the page to start the next adventure, which I’m super excited about because it’s my first work of fiction. When you read it btw, you’ll probably think I’m secretly the main character. Nope. This one really is a story, and it was a lot of fun to write.

What is not fun is marketing. Hate hate hate it. But I’m giving in to all the marketing geniuses and creating a new website, along with letting you all in on the process of getting out this debut novel. Please be patient, feel free to weigh in on everything honestly (but gently!), and do consider getting an advance review copy. The manuscript is in production but not designed yet, so maybe you’ll even help me choose the cover.

And if you’re good with WordPress and will work for homemade cookies, please drop me a line. Baking cookies is a lot more fun than tearing my own hair out.

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